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מורשת לוחמת הדס מלכא



The Hadas Institute for IDF Combat Veterans was founded in the memory of Hadas Malka, a soldier who gave her life to defend the country she loved.


The Institute aids all IDF combat soldiers, whether on active duty or recently discharged, providing services and opportunities to those who sacrifice so much.


The Institute enables today’s combat soldiers to become the next generation of lsrael’s leaders.


מרכז הדס הוקם ל- 4 מטרות מרכזיות:

Through educational and professional guidance, the Institute will prepare future leaders in all aspects of Israeli society. The Institute will award scholarships at major academic institutions, offer mentoring and internships at successful Israeli  companies, and a create a database of veterans to assist with networking.

Iocated in Jerusalem, the Institute’s  building will serve as both a memorial for the fallen as well as a center for helping soliders translate their military skills into tangible leadership tools.

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Lone soldiers cared
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Purim food gifts

A word from the Chairman of the Hadas Institute

Warrior, a leader, an athlete, a devoted daughter, a passionate Zionist – this was Hadas Malka and a At the time of her death, at age 23, when she was standing guard in Jerusalem.
She had already influenced countless lives and saved innumerable others through her fearless Border Police service. It is fitting, then, that we honor and preserve her legacy through the work of the Hadas Institute for IDF combat veterans.

By supporting the needy families of the Border Police, strengthening Zionist ideals and education and encouraging  youth to serve proudly in Israel’s armed forces, the foundation will ensure that Hadas’s legacy lives on forever.

Dr. Michael Oren

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