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Lohemet exhibition

Lohemet exhibition

Hadas Malka HY”D, daughter of David and Geula Malka, sister to Tamir, Guy, Shaked, Neta and Geffen (YBLD”A) gave her life in Jerusalem, which she loved dearly, during her military service as a standing army Border Police Warrior.

Her life was taken by a damned terrorist at Damascus Gate on 16 June 2017, 22 Sivan 5777, when she was only 23.

Lohemet” is an exhibition initiated by Hadas” parents, in her memory, aiming to illuminate her character and instill her legacy that continues to live on. Hadas was known for her diligence and accomplishments, serving as a role model and inspiration to everyone around her. Her intensity, energy, sensitivity, determination and courage were an integral part of who she was, just like the broad smile that never left her lips.

The exhibition presents two timelines: First, Hadas journey from enlistment to her death and second, from that day on. All of the texts were taken from Hadas Facebook page. The first timeline is based on her texts and the second presents testimonials written by soldiers whom she commanded and people whose live she touched, both during her service and in her personal life.
The collection of eulogies are divided by months, from the day of her falling and until today.

The light that Hadas emanated during her lifetime continues to illuminate after her departure, through the many people she had a chance to meet. We hope that her legacy will continue to touch upon those who did not have the opportunity to meet her, to ensure that her light never goes out.

The Hadas Malka “Lohemet” mobile exhibition is presented in the centers of the various cities. Anyone who visits the exhibition can take with them the love of the country, the belief in the rightness of the path, the belief in personal ability and the realization of goals, the principle of the value of friendship and the  brotherhood of warriors, sensitive, attentive and supportive leadership, and an expression of a developed social vision.

Over 350,000 visitors, the exhibition was shown in Ashdod, Jerusalem at the Friends of Israel Museum, Beit Nehemiah in Jerusalem, Yeruham, Be’er Tobiah, the National Police College, Beit Shemesh, and the Police Museum in iron.

lohemet exhibition Hadas Malka legacy

“I’ve educated a new generation of warriors.

They taught me a great deal and I taught them all that I learned from others during my service.

It’s a great privilege!”